Defender Press Brake Guarding System

Defender is a press brake guarding system designed for retrofit applications and provides an economical solution for operator protection and machine productivity.

Defender Optical Protection

The Defender laser transmitter and receiver are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. A continuous laser field protects the zone directly below the punch tip allowing the operator to hold the work piece as the tools close at high speed. If an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped.

This close proximity protection allows the operator unrestricted access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces fatigue by enabling the operator to remain standing in the same position.

Key Features



  • Mute point is easily set according to the material position and optically verified automatically on every cycle.
  • Multiple modes available to suit any shape and profile of work piece. At the press of a button simply select a mode that best suits each bend job to achieve the best level of productivity and performance.
  • Automatic monitoring of speed and stopping performance.
  • Graphical user interface panel displays system and machine status in real time. Simple to follow instructions and messages make the system very easy to operate.
  • Quick adjust brackets are simple to set-up with adjustment after tool change taking only a matter of seconds.



AutoSense is an automatic monitoring technology that tracks machine operation and performance in real time. AutoSense automatically monitors control commands, motion, direction, speed and stopping performance to maintain a high level of machine and operator protection. AutoSense also guarantees compliance with international safety standards that mandate automatic monitoring of machine overrun and safe speed.


  Defender Press Brake Guarding System
Hardware CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated force guided relays and encoder feedback system
Software CE Certified Kernel Software with application software interface
Technology AutoSense
Laser transmitter / receiver
Laser transmitter CLASS 1 Single Planar laser
Receiver Multi-sensor photocell receiver
Maximum recommended optical range 8 meters / 26 feet
Object detection resolution 4mm
Minimum speed change point  12mm
Connector type M12 8 pin
Tool compatibility V tools and non standard tools
Integrated status LEDs Transmitter status (power / laser)
Receiver status (power / front/middle/rear sensors)
User interface panel
Display 4.3" widescreen colour graphics display
Connector type M12 8 pin
Mounting brackets
Economy brackets Supplied as standard (suitable for machines up to 4 meters in length)
Linear brackets Optional (suitable for machines up to 8 meters in length)

How to Buy / Availability

Defender is available in selected countries, supplied and installed from Lazer Safe Retrofit Dealers, the original press brake manufacturer and participating machinery dealers. For more information and to find out if Defender is available in your country, click here to contact your nearest Retrofit Dealer.