PressGuard Coming soon

PressGuard is a light curtain muting and monitoring system designed for hydraulic press and press brake applications. PressGuard supports third party light curtains to manage light curtain muting with automatic real-time monitoring of speed and stop time.

The complete solution for light curtains

Where traditional light curtain control systems require periodic safety inspections to verify the stopping performance of the machine, PressGuard automatically monitors machine performance on every stop. PressGuard not only ensures continuous safe operation but eliminates the time and cost associated with periodical safety inspections. 


  • Supports third party light curtains
  • Management of light curtain control and muting. 
  • Muting based on material position and automatically monitored.
  • Supervisory access code protection for mute point set and reset functions. 
  • Automatic monitoring of speed and stopping time. Eliminates need for periodic manual testing of machine stop time.
  • Graphical user interface panel displays system and machine status in real time. Simple to follow instructions and messages make the system very easy to operate.
  • Safe speed mode allows machine to operate at monitored safe closing speed when light curtain remains interrupted.


More information available soon.


More information available soon.

How to Buy

More information available soon.