Mounting Brackets

The Lazer Safe mounting bracket system attaches the laser transmitter and receiver to the press brake. Brackets are manufactured from an extruded high tensile alloy for rigidity and tolerance to machine vibration with linear rails and bearings for precision vertical adjustment of the laser transmitter and receiver. 

During tool change a spring loaded locking pin keeps the transmitter and receiver clear allowing the tools to be easily removed from the ends of the machine. After tool change the transmitter and receiver are easily adjusted to match the tool height and takes only a matter of seconds.

Multiple vertical lengths and horizontal mounting options are available to suit most machines and the bracket system is designed to aesthetically combine well with modern press brake designs.

An economy bracket option is also available and is manufactured from the same alloy material. The bracket is a two piece triangular extrusion design that provides quick vertical adjustment and retains alignment when the two pieces are seated and locked. The brackets are easily adjusted and locked into place with a simple locking knob.

Linear brackets
Economy brackets

Optics Compatibility

   Linear Alloy Bracket Kit Economy Alloy Bracket Kit
LZS-004 / LZS-004-HS


   Linear Alloy Bracket Kit Economy Alloy Bracket Kit
Vertical bracket length 700mm (other lengths available on request) 700mm (other lengths available on request)
Vertical adjustment range 530mm (suits punch height up to 450mm. Other lengths available on request) 488mm (suits punch height up to 450mm. Other lengths available on request)
Horizontal adjustment range
40mm 40mm
Machine usage Suits any machine length  Suits machines up to 6 meters in length