LazerGuard Press Brake Guarding System

LazerGuard is an embedded safety controller and optical protection package for press brake manufacturers. The system is designed for use in non-CE markets where safety is traditionally neglected in favour of a lower machine cost. For press brake manufacturers that sell machines into territories where safety regulations are not yet mandated, LazerGuard provides an effective, low cost solution that makes it economically viable to deliver a safe machine.

LazerGuard Optical Protection

The LazerGuard laser transmitter and receiver are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. A continuous dual laser field protects the zone directly below the punch tip allowing the operator to hold the work piece as the tools close at high speed. If an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped. 

This close proximity protection allows the operator unrestricted access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces fatigue by enabling the operator to remain standing in the same position.

Key Features



  • Simple OEM embedded interface.
  • Automatic monitoring of speed and stopping performance.
  • Mute point is automatically set and optically verified on every bend so no operator interaction is required.
  • Protective modes can be selected in the CNC program for each bend step.
  • Automatic blanking enables high speed operation with different shape and profile work pieces.
  • Monitoring of additional machine elements including emergency stop buttons, side and rear gate interlock switches plus monitoring of machine speed and stopping performance.
  • Real-time machine and system status is displayed on the CNC screen via SmartLink. 



RapidBend technology employs a patented progressive muting process that enables the press brake to close safely at high speed until the tool opening is only 6mm. This reduces the slow speed travel distance to enhance machine productivity. In comparison to other light or laser based systems, RapidBend can reduce machine cycle time by up to two seconds per cycle. This represents a significant saving in operating time and cost.



SmartLink is an advanced communication link that seamlessly integrates safety and guarding functions with the CNC system to enhance the operation, functionality, performance and efficiency of the press brake. SmartLink is compatible* with Cybelec, Delem and ESA CNC systems or can be custom integrated with proprietary CNC systems by the press brake manufacturer.

*Functionality and features will vary between CNC manufacturers.


  LazerGuard Press Brake Guarding System
Hardware PSC / CCM Controller Card with din rail mount
Software Kernel Software with application software interface
Technology RapidBend / SmartLink
Laser transmitter / receiver
Laser transmitter CLASS 1 Dual planar laser
Receiver Multi-sensor photocell receiver
Optical range 6 meters
Object detection resolution 4mm
Connector type M12 8 pin
Tool compatibility V tools and non standard tools
User interface
CNC Embedded SmartLink Interface Compatible with Cybelec, Delem and ESA
Mounting brackets
Vertical bracket length 700mm (other lengths available on request)
Vertical adjustment range 488mm (suits punch height up to 400mm)
Horizontal adjustment range 40mm

How to Buy / Availability

LazerGuard is available exclusively to press brake manufacturers. If you are a press brake manufacturer and would like to learn more about our systems, technology and services please contact us at

Regulatory Requirements for Use

A press brake fitted with LazerGuard or LazerGuard Plus must comply with the relevant local regulations that apply to machine safety and accident prevention. The press brake must also receive any other approvals required by the regulations governing the operation of machinery at the location where the machine is being installed and operated.

LazerGuard and LazerGuard Plus systems do not conform with the requirements of machinery safety standards including but not limited to; EN12622 governing safety of machines in CE territories, ANSI B11.3-2012 in the United States, CSA Z142-10 in Canada and NR12 in Brazil. LazerGuard and LazerGuard Plus systems must not be supplied with or installed on press brakes sold in regulated territories such as those listed above. It is the sole responsibility of the press brake manufacturer to ensure its press brakes meet all and any safety and certification requirements of the territory in which the press brake is sold.